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Finger positions for major and minor scales and arpeggios for violin, and now viola and cello too!

Here's what students around the globe are saying:

My violin teacher and I have concluded this is a very good work, of great value, especially to beginners.
Ivo Barbi, Florianopolis, BRAZIL

The Violin Scale Charts were extremely useful.   I bought them for a friend who had just started to learn the fiddle and she found them a real boon for self study.
Ed White, Gairloch Ross-shire, UNITED KINGDOM

Very helpful, for both myself and my daughter . . . really excellent especially as we are starting to branch out into more esoteric keys.
John D. Ferguson, Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM



Violin Scale Charts were very helpful to me, as I was a complete novice (adult student) and was teaching myself. Now I have a teacher and am using a regular scale book, but your charts helped get me started and get on the notes.
Cheryl Donahue Droichead Ban, Glens Dingle, Co. Kerry, IRELAND

What a great idea!
Dr. William Wood, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Your Violin Scale Charts™ have been extremely helpful to me in my violin practice. I ended up laminating them and refer to them continuously.  Thanks again for a great product!
Juanita R., Streetsboro, OH, USA

I really do appreciate the time you spent with me. It is a pleasure to do business with such a company.
Tom Trice, Black Rock, AR, USA

Yes, the violin scale charts were extremely helpful. I took formal lessons on the violin from 1951-1955, then stopped. I picked it up again in December 2000 after 35 years of playing guitar. The charts helped me to determine exactly where I needed to place may fingers to obtain a given note. The various scales presented along with the charts were also very helpful. All in all, it was a worthwhile investment.
Tony Perrocco, New York, USA



I have misplaced my copy of Violin Scale Charts. I thought it was very helpful. Therefore, I would like to order another one.
C.K., Herndon, VA, USA


And their teachers agree:

Great teaching tool, all my students use Violin Scale Charts . . . parents benefit, too!"
Laura Polick, Violin Teacher, Wheaton Suzuki Institute, Wheaton, IL, USA

Very helpful for all beginners, adults, too . . . . effectively introduces positions I-IV. Thank you very much!
Ann Grier Carmen, Violin Teacher, West Nyack, NY, USA

As a violin teacher always looking for helpful teaching aids, I purchased it recently.  It is very valuable in helping students visualize finger positions. 
Emily Bailey, Violin Teacher, Lynden, WA


Comprehensive. Violin Scale Charts presents all major and minor (melodic) scales and arpeggios in two octaves. It uses various positions I-IV. Eight charts per page.

Scales become easy to remember. VSC will help you and-or your student master scales and arpeggios quickly and easily. Violin Scale Charts show scale and arpeggio patterns in graphic, chart form. This makes them easy to learn, easy to remember.

Pays for itself. Violin Scale Charts pays for itself in lesson time many times over: it helps the student quickly master the basics, and move efficiently and securely, with excellent intonation, to more difficult exercises and repertory.

Lies flat on your stand. VSC is spiral-bound to lie flat on your music stand.

Noted editors. Edited by distinguished educators, including faculty members of the Music Center of the North Shore, Winnetka, IL, Dr. Milton Goldberg, Suzuki teacher and orchestra conductor Kathleen Paramore, as well as Klaus Pfefferkorn, Conductor, Bludenz (Austria) Youth Orchestra.

More expression, more confidence. While every effort has been made to make this graphic reference work authoritative, it must be noted that there is no single, one and only, and exclusively "correct" way to finger a scale. Should your teacher differ with anything presented here, please follow his/her approach.

One of the greatest benefits of using Violin Scale Charts, especially at the elementary level, will be to build a strong and secure "4" finger, a more beautiful tone, and stronger and more confident expression. As a musician who happens to play the violin, expression is what you are all about anyway, isn't it? Have fun with these charts. They will make you a more expressive, more confident musician.

Questions? E-mail to me via j a s at option dash wizard dot com.  Please include your name, address, phone, fax and e-mail addresses.


Special feature:
For The Visual Learner


Sample Chart: Second Position

Sample Chart: Melodic Minor Scales

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New !  Violin Scale Charts™, plus bonus Viola Sale Charts, as well, color laminate cover, perfect bound, 68 pages, special price direct from the publisher vs. Amazon $24.95, $19.95 plus $3.99 shipping/handling.

Violin Scale Charts™ (new version) by mail to foreign lands.  Or Viola or Cello.
Teachers license to reprint a copy of Violin Scale Charts™ for up to 10 students. (Want a license to reproduce for more students? Please inquire by email.
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