WINNETKA, Illinois – The classic and out-of-print The Second Coming Bible by William E. Biederwolf has been republished with permission by Sarkett & Associates, Inc.

A 728-page compendium, it contains every verse in the Bible on the return of Jesus Christ, plus commentary by the author.  Best described by its subtitle:  The complete text of every scripture passage concerned with the second coming of Christ plus commentary on each verse.

A pastor, evangelist, and college president, William Biederwolf wrote in his introduction:  “The author confesses to a ministry of twenty years without a single reference to the coming of the Lord.”  He set about to become knowledgeable about this essential prophecy, and more than made amends with this text, saying “it has been at times difficult and laborious, but it has proven so richly remunerative that he has been already more than repaid.”

We trust the modern reader will be too.

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Background on William E. Biederwolf

Born of German parentage, September 29, 1867, in Monticello, Indiana, William Biederwolf was an energetic boy.  He would often walk up the Tippecanoe River, and then swim back down to his starting point, some three miles.  He made it look easy (it wasn’t).  One Halloween, someone took apart a wagon, and re-assembled in on the top of the county court house.  The chief suspect:  William Biederwolf.

Young William had a distinctly spiritual side, as well.  He aspired to become a Christian.  Wikipedia tells the story this way:  “Early in life he vowed to become a Christian. However, it did not happen until he was twenty years of age. By then he was teaching for a living. A Sunday school class began praying for him and each of the kids wrote him a letter, urging him to come out on the side of Christ. One boy even hooked up his mule team and drove over to invite Edward to church and offer him a ride. Edward went, and made the decision to use his life for Jesus.”

He attended Wabash College, a prestigious liberal arts college in Indiana, and from there gained admittance to Princeton, where he played football.    From there he upped the academic ante even further, studying next at the University of Berlin, and following that, at the Sorbonne.

He next served in the Spanish-American war as a chaplain.  The thoughtful young man’s very first book was the history of his regiment.

From 1900 on, he devoted his energies to evangelism.  Competitive there just as on the gridiron, he imagined himself as directly pitted against Satan for the souls of the unconverted, and gave everything he had to prevail.

While a pastor, he wrote The Second Coming Bible, originally published in 1924, then reprinted again in 1972 by Baker House, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Biederwolf eventually became president of Winona College, directed the Winona Lake Bible School of Theology, and founded the Family Altar League. Having lived a thoroughly remarkable and productive life, in service of others, he passed on, September 3, 1939, age 71. The night before, he said to his wife Ida, "I am soon going to exchange my cross for a crown."  Having studied the matter in great depth, his assurance was rock solid.

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