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If parapsychological or extraterrestrial phenomena were genuine, or even merely plausible, one ought to devote oneself to them entirely, wasting not a single moment. I cannot understand how one could waste even a second on other matters. But this also holds for science. If science is what it is, and truth is what it claims to be, they are worthy of a radical passion. Now, nothing like this actually happens. Not only the masses, but scientists themselves only devote themselves to it half-heartedly. We only feel a relative passion, a casual commitment for truth, the same as we feel for irrational phenomena. Only the suspense of science can rouse a sudden interest, but that is the passion for suspense. It is aroused today by the fact that even scientists acknowledge there are no final answers in science.

Jean Baudrillard, Cool Memories

If it were a matter of choosing between “contemplation” and “eschatology,” there is no question that I am, and would always be, committed entirely to the latter.  Here in the hermitage, returning necessarily to beginnings, I know where my beginning was:  having the Name and Godhead of Christ preached in Corpus Christi Church.  I heard and believed.  I believe that he has called me freely, out of pure mercy, to His love and salvation and that at the end (to which all is directed by Him) I shall see Him after I have put off my body in death and have risen together with Him.  That at the last day “all flesh shall truly see the salvation of God.” 

What this means is that my faith is an eschatological faith, not merely a means of penetrating the mystery of the divine presence and resting in Him now.  Yet because my faith is eschatological,  it is also contemplative, for I am even now in the Kingdom and I can even now “see” something of the glory of the kingdom and praise Him who is King.  I would be foolish then if I lived blindly, putting all “seeing” off until some imagined fulfillment (for my present seeing is the beginning of a real and unimaginable fulfillment!).  Thus contemplation and eschatology are one in Christian faith and in surrender to Christ.  They complete each other and intensify each other.  It is by contemplation and love that I can best prepare myself for the eschatological Vision – and best help the Church and all men to journey toward it.

Thomas Merton
Best selling author, Catholic monk, hermit
Journal entry
December 22, 1964


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