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The sequel.

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Original (2012) New 2014: ABRIDGED KINDLE

NEW! 2013 Republication of Wm. Biederwolf classic.
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Comprehensive presentation of the afterlife.

Eschatological roadmap.  Today's news:

2020 Update

Music aid, used by string players around the world.

And for cellists as well....

Whimsical approach to giving up one of life’s most chronic maladies: worry. Illustrated.

Lighter fare.

Finance:  Fundamentals, technicals, options. 2008, update 2012.  Directional approach. Amazon

Real life Success Stories from the financial markets, nondirectional options trading. Expanded second edition, 2020Color version.

In depth look at those individuals and firms teaching retail traders.

The yang of the yin.  For the inquiring mind.

NEW:  Bet you can't read just one chapter.

The promise of afterlife in the text of the cantatas.

Beyond Bach-Beethoven-Brahms-Bartok, 75+ little or never heard composers to expand your listening repertory.  NEW!  Get info Purchase!

 Volume 2,   As much about life as music.  Another 90+ stories.  With contribution from Sir András Schiff.

Who is the most recorded:

Composer?  Performer?  Group?  Opera?


The Obscure Composers Index™

New.  An intriguing contemplation of life's most difficult problem.  Noted professors (Harvard, Notre Dame, California State) contribute..

Classical period only, 43 composers compiled from OC 1, 2, 3. Essays from pianists Stephen Hough, Sir András Schiff, and music critic Alex Ross. 257 pages.   2017.

Romantic period only, 66 composers compiled from OC 1, 2, 3. Essays from pianists Stephen Hough, Sir András Schiff, and music critic Alex Ross. 392 pages.  2017.

Volume 3,   486 pages. profiles and works by another 90 remarkable but little known composers.  2017.

Republication of Princeton U. Press classic.
How modern Hungary came to be.  Story of one of the most singular, heroic figures of modern European history.

2018 The life-changing, transformative power of classical music, as told in powerful and moving personal experiences of composers, artists, amateurs, students, teachers, critics, audience. Amazon Kindle version.  Info page.

2017.  Republication of a long out-of-print English translation of a seminal 19th century Hungarian drama by M. Vorosmarty -- considered 150 years ahead of its time.  Side-by-side Hungarian and English text.  Amazon